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ZS2AE Sale Items

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Items were too many to be individually tested - money back if you are unhappy (within reason)

No # Item Model No Description Value Reserved
210.7MHz variable signal gen with deviation inputHomebrewUsed for IF signal injection Receiver testing?5.00 
44x Zodiac 27/29MHz portables scrap/spares0.00 
9Antenna tunerHomebrewtapped coil, wide-spaced vane capacitor, parts missing0.00ZS2NF maybe
10Antique - clockwork timeswitchHAZW30.130A contact rated5.00 
13Antique - Porcelain centre insulatorAM 108/38Don’t find these any more!10.00 
14Antique - Porcelain feedthru insulator Don’t find these any more!10.00 
15Antique - Radar (round) Cathode Ray tube in original cardboard box10.00 
17Auto transformer 500VA 110V tapped GEY-2008-Amulti tapped output5.00ZS2NF maybe
21Belcom QRP VHF Handheld 100mW only, synthesised PLL controlled, no CTCSS50.00 
22Black box portable something I have no idea what this does/is!!0.00 
27Books - Set of Hillman Minx books Motor manual, 2x Owner's manuals 0.00 
30Box of assorted small loudspeakers Diameters 76mm - 120mm5.00 
32Choke - heavy duty Unknown mH value, good for more than 10A, nice for a heavy duty ripple-free DC powersupply5.00ZS2NF maybe
72Clamp ammeter with exchangeable elements 100A, 200A, 400A (damaged casing)5.00 
40DF loopHomebrewunknown electronics in the box! Runs on a PP3 battery0.00 
44GEC FM Tuner Valve job5.00ZS2NF maybe, ZS2GH
49Heathkit TV Alignment generator 4 - 200 MHz RF Signal generator with marker, variable RF output attenuator20.00ZS2NF maybe
59Jones plug female 18pin (3x6) scarce…5.00 
63KW2000 HF valve transceiverKW2000HF transceiver with separate power supply1,000.00ZS2NF maybe
67Mains 15A adaptors - assorted Price per adaptor1.00 
68Major 29MHz MobileM65Cno mic found (see the mics box elsewhere…)10.00 
77Philips DVD playerDVP3110KAV and component outputs, no remote50.00 
80Potentiometers Shoebox full of assorted values25.00ZS2NF maybe
81PYE Europa VHF mobile Crystalled for 650, 675 and 700 repeater, no tone10.00 
82PYE Labgear VHF/UHF Colourbar generatorCM6052/CBTV test equipment20.00 
86RCA 12" speaker boxes - pair per pair, were projector speakers, has unmatched speakers fitted50.00 
90Sinclair stereo HiFi Amplifier plus 2x 10" speakersStereo Sixtybuilt from kit, 2x Z-50 amp modules, preamp module, high quality audio, has spare Z30 amp modules50.00 
65Speaker Light coloured wooden finish with material grille5.00 
123Speaker - Wooden remote angled Single, boxed, angled5.00 
91Speakers - pair Small wooden finish, 6x9" oval driver units, per pair5.00 
53Speakers Hifi 8 Ohm 20W - pair Wooden homemade enclosures, per pair10.00 
93Spectrum UHF mobileMX-150Crystal controlled, 434.875MHz25.00 
96TopTV sat decoder with remoteDSD427Free to air Satellite channels, (money back if it doesn’t work)50.00 
97TV Crosshatch generator built from a kit, no front panel labels10.00 
98UHF groundplane 1/4wave antenna with 3x radials, on SO239, for in-roof mounting (not wx proof)10.00 
103Valve PA amplifer with 100V line o/pBayer2 mics, One aux input, 4/8/15/250/500 Ohm speaker or 100V line output20.00ZS2NF maybe
105Valves - Apple box of assorted English/Continental per box100.00 
107Valves - Apple box of large valves Assorted200.00 
108Valves - Apple box of Transmitter valves Assorted RK-20A etc, per box100.00 
110Valves - Assorted English/Continental old style Mullard etc, per box100.00 
112Valves - Beer crate of regulators, Neons etc per box100.00 
119Valves - Smaller box of B7G's assorted per box100.00 
131 ************************************************NEW Items added from here **************************************
135Jones plug M&F pair - 15 pin (3x5)  10.00 
137Antique - Porcelain special insulators packet Good for that balanced line or valve rig refurbishment (per pkt)10.00 
141Crate #4 lucky dip switches5.00 
146Crate #9 lucky dip plugs, relays5.00 
148Assorted Electrolytic capacitors 2L ice cream tub, lucky dip0.00 
149Headphones FM/AM radio HP-1000 For the joggers, "….your music, your world…."0.00 
152Bottle #3 fuse holders2.00 
155Bottle #6 multipole PO switches2.00 
156Bottle #7 audio connectors2.00 
158Bottle #9 striplight plugs, switch labels2.00 
165Bottle #16 power cord sheaths0.00 
174Bottle #25 pilot lamp sockets2.00 
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